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How to ground cb antenna on toolbox

how to ground cb antenna on toolbox Dec 12 2008 A ground plane allows radio signals which are electrical in nature to flow between an antenna and receiver. If you want to use it as base station antenna off the vehicle you have to provide similar ground plane. org Erik from Farpoint Farms Survival talks about the various places you can install your mobile CB radio setup including proper antenna placement to insure yo Antenna Toolbox provides functions and apps for the design analysis and visualization of antenna elements and arrays. The nut that you screw on at the back of the radio and sometimes at the antenna depending on your setup is the ground. There are two things that weed need to distinguish between and that is grounding the antenna and grounding the mount vehicle etc to forms suitable ground plane. I originally installed mine to the side of the tool box using he mounting kit that came with the for grounding your antenna or mast in Article 810. 1. Raz Barlow wrote gt Is there any advantage to attaching the radios negative wire directly to gt the bracket of a mobile antenna Not all antennas require a ground plane. Grab the cable from under the truck and feed it up through the gap between the cab and the bed. or Best Offer. Firestik FG2DD No Ground Plane 2 ft. The top hole needs to be 13 32 to accommodate the shoulder washer while the bottom hole should be drilled to 3 16 quot diameter. Options 1. Dec 14 2018 Assembling your CB Base Antenna. Jul 13 2017 I used my handheld cb radio and I could hear myself very crisp and clear. You can bring the wire down between the cab and the bed. 39 These are antenna mounts with metal rods underneath to provide a groundplane for the antenna click here. I look at it befor 17 462 242 7 This is a tool carrier 14 Mar 2020 Read about Cb Radio Antenna Dual Co Phase Coax Proper Setup and Cable Configurations for Mounting an Antenna on a Pickup Toolbox a standard ground plane dependent antenna and a no ground plane antenna nbsp Do you mean to mount the antenna on the toolbox It 39 s hard to tell from the pic but I think you are running an aluminum toolbox on that truck. Aug 23 2020 To ground your CB antenna find a suitable area at a distance of around 3 4 feet away from the antenna base. Using a TV antenna to tune in over the air broadcasting can be a great solution for those who want to watch TV for free all you have to pay is the cost of the antenna. Wrap 6 turns of the excess coax around a 4 quot PVC piece of pipe. This will require you to make the initial hole larger. Not all TV programming requires a cable subscription or streaming service. But now I feel like no one can hear me at all on top of bad receiving performance. You don 39 t want it flying off. 53 20. Ground mounted antennas are often very easy and convenient to use. 53 per Feb 25 2020 The Browning BR 28 Broad Band 63 inch CB Antenna is a trucker s best friend when it comes his her Citizen s Band needs. Apart from the antenna and coax no specialty parts hardware store only. Can be raised and lowered by one person in a few minutes. If you do not ground your antenna and mast properly your coax can draw lightning into your house and cause fires and other damage even if the radio is disconnected. This type of antenna may typically mount on or near the tire carrier. This monster antenna has a rugged design and tough construction making it a highly prized asset in even the harshest environments Jul 11 2012 If you using a CB radio in your home and you have connected a magmount mobile antenna to it that is meant to be used for a truck or car using it to operate your radio you will need to have an excellent ground to ensure that you are getting out properly and to reduce the amount of power the antenna is reflecting back into the radio also known as an high swr reading which is usually above 1. About 6 inches of wire. The standing wave ratio was 5 to 1 with or without the ground plane cable grounded. Learn more about this option. CB radio antenna dipole antenna. you have seen 39 em with according to danger 4 rods extending from the backside of the Mark the coax at 9 39 from the splice. Part 1 AS MS 264 AM FM CB Disguise Antenna 55. O. Testing the CB Antenna Mount Ground. Decided to try and convert the inadequate factory antenna. Drill a hole in the wall Oct 16 2016 Http cb antenna 109 This slide to tune no ground plane CB antenna kit from Wilson is an excellent. The CDQ8000 is a high gain mobile UHF CB antenna providing an incredible 8dBi gain making it ideally suited for use in fringe and very remote areas and all types of industrial applications where performance is critical. Ideally you would connect the antenna on top of the earth ground with the connection of buried grounding rods etc. My antenna had a decent ground at DC but at RF I think it was more like an open. Last edited by redford 11 20 2007 at 10 00 AM . Ham and CB Radio Transmission Antenna Line GMRS repeater and base coaxial line MILSPEC RG 213 coaxial cable 40 foot PL 259 Male M17 163A RG 213 U MADE IN THE USA My Uncle just gave me a CB radio. First of all if the antenna being used is a standard ground plane dependent antenna the toolbox MUST be grounded to the vehicle. Without a good ground plane the antenna will provide extremely poor performance. One of the most misunderstood concepts is the difference between DC and RF ground neither one is a ground plane . Aug 05 2015 Connect the Antenna to Ground To connect the antenna to ground simply connect the other end of your ground wire to coaxial grounding block. From broadcast networks to streaming services there s more television content to watch than ever before. 2 If you are mounting the antenna on a mirror arm or on a bar with enough space underneath use a 39 Ground Plane Kit. Therefore as a general rule a longer antenna will work better than a shorter antenna. Thanks for the help. A particular oddity of this system is that the antenna is not grounded to the vehicles ground surface. 75 27. Aug 17 2009 just putting my 4 39 ebay antenna back onto my truck. Everyone should have a proper toolbox. Super wide bandwidth means more time operating and less time stuck on a frequency your trap vertical is tuned for. Re CB radio Antenna grounding on Aluminum boat There is no ground on a boat. 53. CB Antenna Kit For Roof Top Mount. Antennas come in a variety of types and designs by materials length and location of the coil. For toolbox mounts most people will use a traditional 3 way mount alongside with a fiberglass antenna. The antenna is the most critical part. My dad had an old Shakespeare CB antenna but it s made for a drill in mount. Thanks to Firestick 39 s patented tuning cap tuning the antenna to your Wrangler is now easier then ever. This takes a lot of wire 11 meters more or less and it is lossey probably more so than the so called ground plane of the average truck. that 39 s why persons use floor planes. Wood Toolbox This is a tool carrier I built to hold my hand tools. Aug 24 2013 One question did you bother adding a separate ground to the mount or are the stainless screws into the bed enough I 39 m planning on mounting my antenna in the same spot. Or just move the antenna somewhere else I was also using plain insulated copper wire to do the grounding. The problem is not RF at all but is a DC power supply ground loop back into the audio system. 10 Best Cb Antenna Toolbox Mount Reviews. Uniden CB Radios Galaxy CB Radios 10 Meter Radios CB Antennas. A basic antenna like a dipole is self contained and requires no ground plane. When you want a heavy duty mount that works. This is accomplished by using a ground block located as close as possible to where the coaxial cable enters the building. I once had 7 antennas on the roof of my Datsun 510 wagon with no problems. The picture below illustrates what this looks like. The grounded antennas can withstand lightning strikes. The ground block then is connected to the GES using 14 AWG or larger with as short of a run as possible and again with minimal bends. With section one lying n the ground release the little stub mast from the top of section one and in its place put in the middle 6m 20 foot section. Resources listed under Grounding category belongs to Technical Reference main collection and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. You can design standalone antennas and build arrays of antennas using either predefined elements with parameterized geometry or arbitrary planar elements. The coaxial cable that comes from the antenna also needs to be bonded to the GES. You will need the antenna itself. Home built antenna experiments on CB Radio 5 August 1992. 3. This video demonstrates how to use a multimeter to test the electrical ground on a CB antenna mount. CB radio antennas must be SWR tuned to the vehicle and the final antenna location on the vehicle. Based on your location we recommend that you select . Joined Feb 7 2010 238 Posts . Blog By Jimmy Chew Disclaimer We are using Amazon affiliate Product Advertising API to fetch products from amazon Simply slip the mount over the edge tighten the set screws adjust it to a verti cal position and add the desired cable assembly if needed. The TGT RVDP LONG Dipole Antenna is designed for RV installations where there is no suitable ground plane due to the fiberglass construction of the vehicle. on my jeep i have a 4 5 39 metal whip antenna connected to a walmart CB via a 18 39 coaxial cable. I have read about the antenna needing to be grounded and would like clarification. For CB the side rail bed install works OK but not the best location. For grounding I tried two different things. Should the ground wire be shorter see picture for location 3. 2 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews 19 ratings. Works just great when the mast is added. Feb 27 2016 My SWR is 3 or higher using external meter and Galaxy 959. This was numerous trips same radio same antenna same mount. An easy way to test your antenna 39 s ground is check continuity between the CB antenna mount and your vehicle ground because if the antenna mount is well grounded so is your antenna. I also tried homebrew active dipole antenna mar8 mmic got overloading and oscillations. I was told by factory that the ground planes are there for both CB amp AM FM Radio. I tried attaching it to the 1 2 bolt that attaches the mount and tire carrier to the back of Components for your radio array will have their ground lead wires run into the top of this plate while the outbound strap will be installed by running from the bottom edge of your ground plate and connecting the other end to the ground point the pole in the ground mentioned earlier. just putting my 4 39 ebay antenna back onto my truck. If the SWR is better on channel 1 the antenna is too long. There are additional photos of the setup in the Photo Galleryunder his call. Place the 1 inch EMT connector through the center hole of your round electrical box. Doors to cab bed to cab hood to fenders ect. Measure your SWR on channel 1 amp channel 40. Install the antenna how ever you choose. You may also wish to contact an independent 2 way radio shop and ask for a quot ground independent quot mobile antenna. They are often convenient and easy to use. I would start being able to use the repeater in Silver city. 5 magnet and a rubber boot on the magnet for scratch resistance. Antennas for CB 39 ers and Hams . Part 2 appeared in the October issue which I do not have yet. first off we need to power this th Learn about our expanded patient care options for your health care needs. 75MHz Description This quot No Ground quot antenna kit was specifically designed to solve the lack of ground plane problems found on vehicles constructed of plastic fiberglass wood or aluminum. See Example of Antenna Grounding . Since they were originally designed for 11 meter use on the CB band they are usually longer than those required for the 10 meter ham band due to the difference in frequencies. From United States. Not stealth but nothing to attract attention either. Any ideas or advice on how and where to run this ground I have a ground strap but it 39 s pretty short . My question is what all do I need to mount it Im gonna get the Radioshack whip antenna what else do i need CB Antenna 14 Inch for Handheld CB Radio 27 Mhz Antenna Full Kit with Heavy Duty Magnet Small Mount PL 259 Connector Mobile Car Radio Antenna Equipped with BNC to SO 239 Adapter by LUITON 4. Rocking a 5 1 2 Antenna. Ran the coax through the access hole in the bed into the cab. 2dBI gain SWR tuning and broad bandwidth covers far above and below the traditional CB channels 8. The ground of an antenna needs to be attached to the car in such a way that the voltage of the antenna can connect to the earth. You should be able 153 322 61 41 Thi External noise can be a distraction when using your CB and can cause your CB to be at times unusable. lecture is over. If you re joining the legions of Americans who are cutting the cord and getting rid of cable you ll need a TV antenna. Some antennas are self grounded so check the specs of whatever you are looking to buy. Use flat braided tinned copper straps. To protect yourself from a direct strike attach a lightening arrester to the antenna mast. We are relying here on the mount the paint on the car and the metal underneath to form a capacitive ground connection . ANTENNAS Table of Contents . Easily tuned. 2 SWR reading shows that your antenna and cabling are working fine so it is definitely down to one or both of the CB 39 s. Start by adding the coac connector with the nylon washer on the angle bracket. e. 1 2 or 5 8 wave like the Antron 99 or IMAX 2000. If you need to know how to use one read this article on Testing for Continuity. Maybe this same antenna mounted a tool box worth away from the cab may give good readings nbsp . General Information Self Checker Donate and Len Everyone should have a proper toolbox. C 61. Any ideas I 39 m sure someone has a good set up with it on the toolbox. If you have a question how to ground a CB antenna there have much thing comes to. Many CJ YJ TJ owners use those behind the tail light brackets Example Here that comes with the antenna and cable Link if you get one get it in stainless if you live in the rust belt which provide a good body ground for RF. Gear obsessed editors choose every product we review. An 80 meter antenna and ten meter antenna on this tower are only about 80 feet or so from the upstairs contesting room. I had the antenna just sitting on my the bed rail of my truck. Antenna Kit Available in Black and White The FG2 DD series No ground plane NGP CB antenna kits were specifically designed to solve the lack of ground plane counterpoise problems found on vehicles constructed of plastic fiberglass wood or aluminum. If the antenna is on a magnet mount amp sitting on top of the toolbox you first need to ground bond the chassis together. WolfBay_11m. The hinges pose a problem not being a proper ground which can be easily solved by attaching ground straps one on the lid and the other on the frame. This plate establishes the ground plane at the base of the antenna rather than the post 39 s support structure. 2. You will need to loosen the set screws and lower the whip. This kit comes with a 17 coaxial cable for easier wiring a 3. Look a a yagi antenna grounding radials are in the back of the stack. the toolbox and even the bumper though this last one is not recommended . Got the CB installed only one antenna right now. Install the PL 259 coax connector on the far end of the coax. So I feel like the issue is either a ground issue or something went wrong when I disassembled the antenna from its mount. If this type of mount is not suitable i. Locate a suitable area 3 4 feet away from the base of the antenna. When adjusting SWR close the doors on the vehicle to get the most accurate adjustment. They all have their coils located in various areas of the antenna which offers pros and cons. 25 AS MR276 Trunk Lid Mount Base Loaded Mobile Maggie CB Antenna use M175 K126 spring Wrong info on other websites 4 of 7 cars in quot Smokey amp Bandit quot had hole mount antenna use M175 K126 AS M 304 Quick Grip Trunk Lid Mount White Antenna 49. Enlarge the photo by clicking and note the plate attached between the top of the post and the bottom of the antenna. Tape or tie wrap the coax down securely to the 4 quot form. General Information Self Checker Donate and Lend Support Staff Appreciation Get Email Alerts Learn about our expanded patient care options for your health care needs. Sep 12 2016 Hi I was wondering if connecting a RF ground strap or even just a simple wire from the negative side I think on the base of my mobile magnetic mount 2 meter Maxrad whip antenna to the underside of my trunk lid where I have the mag mount antenna sitting would provide better RF continuity for my antenna and maybe help my overall antenna performance somewhat Mounted my cb antenna to my toolbox so It doesn 39 t ground properly. i thought the walmart CB would be just a temporary fix until i could afford a nicer Cobra radio. Personally I would return that Tram antenna for a refund. CB is 11 meters so the inductor obviously adds too much electrical length for 6 meters. You remove the tail light box and attach the bracket using the three screws holding your tail lamp box to the tub and clamp with a large surface area next to the body providing a Jun 15 2010 you do not decide to place a whip on the roof and run a cord right down to a floor rod. I have two questions. Bingo you gotta 39 a good ground plane and a great place to mount the antenna. My question is how critical is the ground plane for a scanner antenna I have a steel gull wing toolbox so I have a nice square steel plate in the middle. Hey guys I bought a CB kit from RightChannelRadio. The antenna is one half of the transmission circuit and the auto body frame is the other half. Look at a vertical antenna as 1 2 of a dipole in the air and the other half is the ground plane system. IF the connector is made up properly the shielding will act as a conductor between the antenna base and the radio. If the conduit meets all these criteria then you 39 ll want to bond the antenna mast to it using at least 10 AWG solid copper wire 810. Don t tune your radio as this might damage it. Tool Box Accessories Tool Boxes. 2 ft. For a quarter wave antenna the ground plane needs to be at least a quarter wavelength in size too for the antenna to function correctly. I have always understood that the antenna needs a good ground. And don 39 t forget to ground the antenna magnet mount to the toolbox. Sep 08 2017 Radiating peak envelope power PEP from your antenna so that someone on the other side of the world can hear you does not do much good if your antenna to receiver loss is so great that the response signal gets buried in the noise. While location and weather are beyond your control there are simple things you can do to improve your CB s performance. Did NOT want to drill holes into fiberglass cap. Mar 03 2020 10 Prostick 3 Fiberglass CB Antenna Runner up Best for Pros. If the antenna does not require a ground plane shims come with the mounts to keep the set screws from dim pling the underside edge. Power the higher the wattage the clearer the signals while there are CB antennas with low wattage that are good power wattage is crucial when choosing an antenna. Equipment has a design defect . Party due to the fact that the antenna itself has no RF counterpoise ground plane. If the SWR is lower on channel 40 it indicates your antenna is too short loosen the set screws and raise the whip so it is longer. Just get it in there and snake it down one of the back pillars then under the door sills and up into the dash or to wherever you CB is mounted. With a magnetic roof mount I was transmitting receiving a little over 2 miles sitting in my driveway chatting with my dad sitting in his driveway and I want to get at Apr 14 2018 I am ready for my CB install minus the antenna mount. So in order to ground. Attempts to tune factory furnished antenna would not quot unpeg quot the SWR meter. Here we have collected some links to building instructions for 11m antennas on the Internet. K. Please consult the NEC a local licensed electrician or a local electrical inspector for details. this calculator is designed to give the vertical length of a quarter wave ground plane antenna and the length of each of the four radials for the selected frequency you have entered. 0 there is a problem with your antenna connection. Cerrowire 050 2000B 50 Feet 8 Gauge Bare Solid Copper Wire. Low key appearance. 28 Mar 2009 I 39 ve got a CB in my truck right now with my antenna mounted to my might be the radio but yea it can be the tool box. However when it is not possible to ground mount an antenna because of ground conditions or it is necessary to elevate the antenna another solution is to use a ground plane. Half wave dipole center mounted. I find that top loaded CB radio antenna work well on RVs cars trucks and even semis which is why they are such a popular option. Having the antenna on a corner will give good send receivefor that cornerthe opposite corner won 39 t work so well. Once I turn the truck on there is a humming sound and if I am driving at freeway speed it is very unclear. Tried a Whip but when we checked them the 5 1 2 footer gave better signals. 5 Width 1 11 Accessories Unlimited Grounding Antenna Mount Is there any added benefit to ground my antenna mount to my trucks chassis ground using a grounding strap or something similar I have an 39 07 Dodge Ram with a fender mount antenna and I can easily run a ground cable from the antenna mount to the chassis ground. With 1500 watts and especially with the high gain 40 foot boom ten meter antenna pointed right into the radio room considerable common mode currents can be induced on shack wiring and equipment cabinets. Mounting to the Tool Box. How we test gear. This 8 ft. There are enough variables that tuning an antenna blends art and science but your equipment and radio contacts will all be grateful if you take the time to tune up. CB Antennas The most common versatile CB antennas come as steel whips and fiberglass tube antennas of various heights. Aside from specializing in CB antennas and accessories Firestik 39 s years of antenna know how can be found in antennas made for scanners two and ten meter amateur equipment and specialty antennas such as those used for geoseismic exploration. To stop the noise from coming through your antenna there are a few things you will need to If your car s antenna is not grounded you will hear more static than music when you turn on your radio. Another thing is I have a Wilson fiberglass antenna mounted to my aluminum tool box. The antenna is a Wilson Silverload tunable antenna with the extra ground plane cable at the threaded end of the antenna. We have poorly installed connectors or defective cables Feb 24 2015 Well. Get this Bird Perch Antenna Mount and 18 39 of new coax cable. For decades the best solutions for mounting a CB or HAM radio antenna to a Jul 26 2018 The average mag mount antenna gets its ground from the magnetic attraction between the mount and the metal of the car body. First I ran a ground wire from one of the mounting brackets bolts to the underside of the bed lip where the toolbox is secured by bolts there 39 s a plastic liner on the bed rail . It is capacitively coupled to the body the body metal is the bottom half of the antenna like the radial arms of a 1 4 wave ground plane antenna the closer the radiator is to the ground plane without touching it the more broadbanded it is and the easier it is to match. Jul 22 2020 So CB antennas are either roof mount or side mount but remember that the antenna must hang halfway above the roofline of your truck for proper reception. Tuning the antenna will allow you to receive a good signal through the CB radio prevent damage to the radio and make the SWR lower than 1 5 because if it is too high it can make the radio perform poorly . No ground plane NGP CB antennas have the required ground counterpoise built in to the coax cable and allow for operation without an external ground 116 product ratings Tram 1499 CB Base Antenna No Ground Plane For All Applications. For example all other things being equal a four foot antenna will work better than an 18 inch antenna. 20. You ll need a multi meter to check your CB antenna mount ground. The antenna itself is grounded via the coax to the radio. and C mount the antenna as high as possible. quot If quot I put a metal bracket on the plastic third brake light do I just add a jumper ground from the antenna to the jeep body since the plastic wont conduct 2. long. Jun 27 2011 The Volvo coaxial is junk and so is the ground plane you get when you use the OEM mount. Your plan to run through the 3rd brake light should work fine. Most UHF CB antennas are mounted the front guard or bull bar. The mount and rubber gasket stay on the outside of the vehicle the metal plate shoulder washer and nuts go on the inside. The last CB antenna on our list is the 3 foot Prostick. But the antennas were spaced as widely as possible. Jun 05 2019 A local guy that I helped out put a Imax in a 50 ft pine tree. So I am very close to the 55 56 of radiator length I will need. Attach it by threading on the coupler and torque it down with a spanner real tight. Please suggest better option antenna could be compact and could be hidden. However i have been able to talk about 5 miles on it under good conditions. Grounding the ground plane cable made the CB band near perfect for Standing Wave. Eliminate both. Aug 24 2008 Put a cheap ground strap from your toolbox to your bed in a discreet place or use star washers on the mounting bolts of your tool box. In these cases it is essential that you A use a ground independent antenna B mount the antenna away for vertical metal sections like windscreen pillars other antennas etc. The culprit could be a faulty antenna grounding or a bad coax cable. FWIW You might want to look into getting a ham license. Nov 14 2016 I had it mounted to a NMO style mount on my tool box of my truck drivers side. When putting this in put it in in the reverse manner that you normally would. Nov 12 2011 Position a base CB antenna to the highest practical height in my yard. I just used a old car stereo and 2 5x7 speakers and a pc power supply. I just have to eliminate the inductor. This allowed the antenna clearance above the highest point of the tree. CB antennas are not plug and play. 28 27. Look in my photos for the toolbox mount. Average rating 4. 21 The best plalce for a CB antenna is on the middle of the roof for the best ground plane. C B. Antenna. 145. QUOTE I am surprised you had swr problems with that set up. 26_op_141 Member Username 26_op_141 Post Number 74 Mar 06 2015 Look at a nvis antenna and how it is setup the antenna provides its own grounding with the radials. The new mount will screw into any of the mirror mount or visor mount bolt holes. I only have one antenna and mounted it right smack in the center of the lid and my SWR is at 1. you can ground to it as nbsp 23 Feb 2012 Check them out in this order ground antenna stud mount coax and Most people mount the tool box on top of the bed rail only after nbsp 30 Sep 2013 I installed my Cobra 75 with a 4 39 firestik on my Taco this weekend. When mounting to the toolbox make sure you use an antenna length that will clear the roofline. Metal pipe can be used about 2 39 below the choke. Dec 26 2016 Installing a cb mount antenna on a toolbox in the bed . CB Wilson 305 430 No Ground Antenna Kit Slide to Tune Coax Fiberglass 3ft Black 300 Watt 26. You should have a 1. My plan is to mount a Larsen Tri band antenna on an nmo mount in the center of the box. If you plan to mount a CB antenna onto a poorly grounded or non grounded surface but you 39 d rather not sacrifice CB performance with an NGP antenna this grounding strap is a required accessory. The coil is tapped by the center conductor approximately 2 3rds from top the bottom of coil is attached to the coax braid this The ground wave field strength of a GP antenna on a metallic surface is about 15 stronger than a NGP system on the same vehicle in the same location. A Coaxial Cable B Grounding Block C Electric Service Equipment D Ground Clamps E Power Service Grounding Electrode System F Grounding Conductors G Ground Clamp C D A B E F G Grounding the Mast Sep 15 2002 This vertical antenna has no lossy traps or coils to burn out. Ok lets back up a minute and add some clarification. The antenna 39 s bracket mounts on the RV 39 s ladder and the two quot poles quot mount vertically with one pole pointing upward and the second pole pointing downward. Check out our CB World Help Center Article https www. This type of ground is achieved when an antenna bracket is mounted on a metal mirror Oct 23 2009 We have a 40 channel CB all in the Mic. Mar 30 2019 An easy way to test your antenna s ground is check continuity between the CB antenna mount and your vehicle ground because if the antenna mount is well grounded so is your antenna. 10 meter was terrible though. Firestix make a good CB 11m NGP No Ground Plane antenna that does fine on a motorhome. However a CB radio for off roading will do as well. 95 AS M 310 Trunk Lid Mount Mobile Antenna Sep 01 2020 Antennas are base loaded center loaded and top loaded as well as no ground plane antennas. Jul 26 2018 The average mag mount antenna gets its ground from the magnetic attraction between the mount and the metal of the car body. The antenna attaches to the coupler but we 39 ll leave it off to make attaching it to the truck box easier. I did run a ground wire along side the antenna wire from the antenna mount in to the tub and I grounded it to the rear most bolt already in use in the floor holding down the plastic box mounted on the passenger side along with a It s easy to get a CB 11meter dipole high enough. This connection allows the earth to receive and store excess volta Toolbox Radio can be made cheaply if you have the spare parts. I tried running a ground wire from one of the mount screws to the acres on the bed liner that screw into the bed I put the connector between the screw and the washer . The first thing you need to do is picking the best CB radio for Jeep out there. How they work is by creating an artificial ground the bottom half of the antenna is wound with a matching length wire to the top half creating a half wave antenna. Then you shouldbe able to use it as the grounding electrode for the antenna. In most cases a short wire at least 12 gauge or grounding braid may be attached to the front side corner of the toolbox and to the underside of the left or right side bed rail. I grounded the mount to the frame the toolbox to the frame and to the truck bed. 5. I am using a Wilson 1000 CB Antenna which is a magnet mount. Feb 22 2017 A ground plane is for RF performance a ground is required for static and lightning protection. Your antenna is already grounded to the radio and the power ground via the shield of the coax. My idea was to build an antenna mount for the bed rails so I can take it off nbsp 9 Sep 2013 From what I read the problem might be the ground plane. ect. This is directly due to the way that the radio 39 s power is delivered to the antenna via the special cable. The mast is needed for that purpose. PURPOSE The LGX M2 where X antenna length in feet series 39 No ground plane quot NGP CB antenna kits were specifically designed to solve the problems associated with the lack of ground plane counterpoise . A copy of the original Hygain silver rod. The best place to mount an antenna would be the trunk lid of a car. Middle of the roof is best on a roof rack works too. The Step 1. K40 CB Antennas Francis CB Antennas FireStik CB Antennas CB Accessories. Such an antenna will have a hollow tube decoupling sleeve below the antenna itself. I 39 ve tried mounting on the tool box on three different trucks and was never satisfied with the results. In general when installing a CB antenna you have to think about the following factors and we 39 ll discuss 1. Use special ground rods and not a spare piece of pipe. The antenna is too close to the operating position. The first is If I mount brackets to the tool box will I need some sort of ground strap to connect it to the frame of the truck to give me a good ground Yes. Firestik CB antenna mounts ae made for roof mirror trunk lip tool box side rail magnetic mount and more. 5 SWR on this. You can get coax that has 17 gauge copper clad steel ground wire attached to it and have that mast ground wire go into one hole of your quot Siamese quot ground block and use the other ground wire hole for your earth ground and your antenna installation will be grounded as well as about 99 of all antenna installations. I was going to mount a cb antenna on my toolbox but I ve decided to just use a scanner instead. Learn how to properly ground a CB antenna with video instruction and a step by step guide. In reality I think the ground planes are too small to really make any difference so you are probably just as well having the basic 1 2 wave Made of tubular aluminium supplied with U bolts for mounting on a standard size pole. The coax cable radio connections and nbsp CB antenna wiring diagram FireRing orientation for correct grounding This steel cantilever tool box opens to reveal four cascading trays and a bottom nbsp Luckily having a CB antenna means you will always pick up a signal large metal surfaces it stands on to use them as a ground plane and to improve reception. Ground a CB antenna from in this word we will know about how we properly Ground CB Radio Antenna and it is explicitly important for a CB radio if you want to get better performance from your CB radio. 1 16 of 724 results for quot antenna grounding wire quot Best Seller in Copper Wire. The complete kit including all parts necessary to convert your antenna system over to this method with a 20 000 volt 5 000 volt working test cable is available from Wilson Antenna. A screw right beneath the lip is ideal. Requiring a new 2 metre band antenna for local FM simplex and repeater communication and after evaluated a couple of the main contenders for the project I settled on the 5 8 wave ground plane to be designed for approximately 146. I build antennas for lower frequencies than cb and higher power output. . The idea is that every tool has a designated spot and that nothing else fits in the box. It will work with all models of both types of antennas. At 4 Wheel Parts our LED CB antenna parts and mounts were made to drive If the roof is not an option your truck toolbox or bed or even beneath the hood are nbsp 9 Nov 2018 Just remember the antenna choice is only part of how to get the best performance out of that CB radio. Designed for hams that do not have room for ground radials. Then using a hose clamp and wire ground the antenna. Grounding the coax cable with a coaxial lighting surge protector will protect your equipment from voltage surges created by nearby strikes but not from a direct strike. Same is probably true about your entertainment radio antenna as well. 3 556 26 can be made cheaply if you have the spare parts. Two holes are required one directly below the other. Such an antenna will lighten your wallet to a considerable extent. This antenna is reliable thanks to its water tight sleeve and rust proof brass. Today s antennas Simple CB Base Station Antenna This is a simple base station CB antenna You can make in 30 minutes out of a bit of PVC pipe and fittings some wire and a SO239 coax connector and a piece of coax to connect it to your radio. Run the wire thru then put the plug back. Am I supposed to connect the ground wire to the stud mount antenna mount or none of the above How best do you advise attaching the grounding wire to the antenna mount and where Also I read on the site it said that my readings could be continuity issues. This is nowhere near the quality of a good solid ground connection to the body. Full Lid Tool Boxes Goose Neck and Fifth Wheel Tool Boxes Gull Wing Tool Boxes Pork Chop Tool Boxes Side Rail Tool Boxes Job Site Boxes Cab Toolboxes Conduit Carrier CB Radios. Put the 4 1 2 inch connectors through the 4 holes in the sides of the box. Jan 29 2019 The 1 2 wave antenna with 3. This vertical antenna has 6 ridged aluminum radials 130 inches long each. This has less to do with 39 grounding 39 the antenna than it does the positioning of the antenna. 3. FOr anything other than a CB I would want a antenna with a ground Plane. Pro Tip If the SWR is above 3. Dec 20 2018 Amateur radio antennas ideally need to be mounted high and near a large ground plane like the roof of a truck . . Had to cut my bed liner in order to fit with the stakehole mount. I confuse whether to make outdoor ground plane dipole or simply Attached telescopic antenna for RTL SDR. This top grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. 21 H . Here s your answer to what should be inside it. The concept of a ground plane is roughly to build a antenna half as long as a normal self contained one then add a mirror so that it looks like a complete antenna from the antenna side of the mirror. The antenna coils can be base mounted mid mounted or top loaded. 5. It s easy to build your own CB radio base station antenna with a piece of 50 ohm coax cable such as RG 58 and 20 30 feet of wire any gauge . Jan 18 2006 It is actually an upside down folded 1 4 wave ground plane. That quot floor quot may be a dc floor yet to rf it might desire to be something from a quot floor quot to an open based upon the dimensions of the cord working between the antenna and the floor rod. Reduce precipitation static and lower background noise with Reduce precipitation static and lower background noise with the Tram Amateur Dual Band Antenna. The 1 4 antenna is only one half of the antenna the other half is the ground plane. For CB I guess it should be larger. 00. Locate an area on the ground that is about three to four feet away from the base of the antenna mast where the CB antenna is mounted. If the tuck is not running the sound is very clear. 42 Accessories Unlimited Height 1 4 Length 1 13 722900001177 Weight G 1. mounted on the metal roof of a car. I am wanting to mount a 102 quot whip on my toolbox. May 05 2020 Universal CB Base Antenna Ground Plane Kit by ProComm . 64 wave ground plane with radials gamma match 22 feet long. To digress a bit into RF signal propagation theory what an antenna really likes to see is a conductive plane at ground potential a ground plane stretching off to infinity Aug 01 2020 If you tune the antenna poorly it can turn your CB radio into a useless device. The antenna I used has a 53 stainless steel whip. This section should have a guy point ready in the middle of the pole. Monaco doesnt have a metal roof. This normally occurs on vehicles constructed of plastic fiberglass wood or aluminum. Jan 24 2019 Take the electrical Tape and use it so seal up the other end of the PVC Pipe where the coax is hanging out. 2 section antenna features a heavy duty fiberglass base station an insulated conductor a 144 148 MHz 440 450 MHz frequency range 6 dBd gain VHF 8 dBd gain UHF and a power capacity of 200 Watt. Oct 23 2009 Had no CB antenna. Allowing your CB radio to cover more ground when transmitting and receiving calls which is helpful in emergency situations. Connect 4 ropes to this guy point and lay them out to each guy point. Attach the clip to the end of the whip and string the rest out to as high a tree as you can or to a pole that you bring along yourself. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. A traditional CB antenna utilizes the metal chassis of a vehicle when transmitting the radio s signal. Discussion Starter 1 May 19 2010 A basic 1 2 wave base antenna with small ground planes only about 1ft . 8 out of 5 stars 560. With a 10 000 Watts handling capacity the antenna also boasts highly adjustable features that make it compatible with any vehicle especially a truck. To examine for continuity of electrical signal you will need to touch the probes for your multi meter in 2 locations. Plug the Pl 259 into your CB Radio Antenna Connector SO 239 and mount the 20ft PVC Pipe Vertical at the bottom and start talking. As it is magnetic antenna it probably does not have option to attach radials so you have to set it up on large enough sheet of metal. That will give you a better antenna ground. Still another way is to block common mode waves by burying the cable. I used to travel back and forth to the Delta and there was a repeater system up there and the southern most repeater went out. You will see a round rubber plug at either side of the back of the cab. Jun 20 2020 Grounding up the CB base antenna helps you to keep your antenna safe. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Best to separate the antennas to reduce overloading the receiver of the non transmitting radio when you transmit with the other. It looks like it s the height of a compromised mobile antenna. We talk Grounding any antenna is critical for equipment safety and maximum performance. CB BASE STATION ANTENNAS TV ANTENNAS AND SUPPORTING STRUCTURES Appendix I to Part 1402. The set screws will ground the mount and antenna to the vehicle. Quite a brilliant design for its time back when CB antennas had to be 20 or less feet above whatever they were mounted on. I told him to add a 10 ft piece of mast to the Imax. Here are some of the worst places to install your antenna. Has anyone ever heard of groundin Jun 11 2014 It would be best to mount your CB antenna to the body of the Jeep for ideal grounding. Recommended Outline for Instruction Booklet on How To Safely Install Your CB Base Station Antenna Have the option to install your CB antenna kit on your roof or your trunk with this Tram TRAM 300 Magnet Mount CB Antenna Kit. The design allows you to do a complete inventory of your tool box in one glance. Don t worry the days of rabbit ears and static are gone. Building and experimenting with antennas can be an interesting part of the radio hobby. Install a ground rod to drain off static electricity build up and connect the ground wire to the mast and ground rod. To achieve a good ground simply run this 6 quot grounding strap from your CB mount to a solid metal surface on your vehicle. The best ground for such a purpose will be a earth ground near the antenna and far from utility lines. I purchased the cb and antenna bracket combo from Quadratec. By getting the current node above the voltage node it makes the antenna very efficient when low to the ground. So you 39 ve wrestled your CB radio into the dashboard and you 39 ve got your antenna mounted on a space with decent ground plane. The antenna system has a design engineering or installation flaw 2. Shown below is how to install the quot No Ground Kit quot on both the Trucker and Fiberglass antenna. Do be aware that the electrical ground of the antenna the structure around the antenna and any other antennas near the CB antenna can all affect the antenna 39 s impedance and the SWR. Many of the commercially made CB antennas can be easily converted to 10 meter use by just a simple tuning modification of the CB antenna length. Such as a mag ant. It s one of the most durable antennas in the market as it s designed to last for a longer time than many of its competitors in the same price point. Listed under the Antennas Antenna Calculators category that is about Antenna design calculators. 4. Firestik manufactures an antenna system that is specially designed for vehicles with little or no metallic surface available to serve as the ground plane. 3 out of 5 stars 67 Ground Straps . There are two ways noise can come through your CB radio through the power supply or through the antenna. My SWR was over 3 adding a heavy ground conductor only brought it into the high 2 39 s. 20. Water is a poor conductor of electricity unless you add minerals such as salt. high SWR so I need to ground the antenna mount . Jump to Latest Follow 1 8 of 8 Posts Seth Registered. Ground systems and some history. Be Well Grounding systems and techniques category is a curation of 38 web resources on Notes on Ground Systems Grounding and Reducing Noise Verticals. I had high SWR until I did that. 5MHz. If the conduit is metalic and at least size 3 4 quot and at least 8 ft. Semi permanent but easily taken down for hurricanes or other events. This is my arrangement more complicated that urs but note the RF grounding RigProj HF ANT 3 BUT when we stop we can improve our antenna and ground with some simple steps Add length to your antenna bring along 50 feet or so of 12 wire and with an alligator clip on one end. The block will have two female coaxial connectors and a slot to connect your ground wire. The truck bed seems popular and you need to make sure it gets a good ground. A ground strap may work perfectly as a DC ground but at some frequency that same ground strap will make a perfect antenna We all know that an inductor can provide a good DC ground but look like an open circuit to RF. Put the ground rod into the soil and ensure its head sits about 5 6 inches above the ground. I 39 m assuming that u are going to mount antenna on the 94 FZJ80. Then put the ground rod inside the soil and keep the head about 5 6 inches above. In absence of the possibility to directly ground the antenna then a good praxis is to use a large conductive object. Just make sure you run a separate ground to the frame from the antenna mount. Probably gonna install my second one for looks later on. My antenna is mounted on the fiberglass. They fit great and I didn 39 t have to drill a single hole. Andy Thunderpole Shop CB Radio CB Antennas 2 Way Radio Amateur Radio Yes a ground for the antenna coax outer shield is a real good idea. Turn the metal detector on and follow the manufacturer guidelines for your particular model to ensure there are no electrical lines running underground before driving the rod into the ground. You will get better performance from a full sized vertical antenna. CB Antenna Ground Wire. For VHF and UHF side of PC case is good enough. Aug 26 2012 I have never been able to get a good SWR reading when mounting an antenna to a tool box You need a good rf ground as in the antenna needs to quot see quot a good portion of your vehicle the metal parts that is for it to work properly. A true ground plane should be twice the length of the antenna and doesn 39 t have to be in all directions. Antenna currents flow into such a ground freely in principle not interacting with noise currents. CB Antenna stud mount Oversize Brass Antenna Stud Workman Electronics B112 Overview The B112 antenna mount bolts onto a pickup truck bed or toolbox and has a 1 2 quot hole to accommodate standard antenna studs like the 910H The NMO mount is for the 18 quot ham radio antenna and works well. After picking the right CB radio it s time to make some space at the back of the Jeep by removing the spare tire for the CB antenna to be installed. Current Price 20. Hoist the antenna up on a piece of rope into a tree OR attach it to PVC or wooden mast. Grounding is accomplished by connecting a heavy cable from the ground side of the antenna to a ground rod. Mounting an antenna to a toolbox is another extremely popular option and can be a great choice. However you only get the antenna when you buy this product. Omni. Select a Web Site. The Firestik name is synonymous with quality and performance. And nothin no change. DO NOT confuse the two. FM antennas are no exception especially those affixed to rooftops and exposed to the elements. Part 1402. that has very bad reception. Tool Boxes. A place surrounded by metal surfaces If the antenna is installed between two surfaces See full list on arrl. Uniden Pro 510XL Wilson FLEX 4 39 Antenna Teraflex JK Spare Tire Mount Was wondering how to properly ground the antenna It has a lead for grounding. AUC11K Accessories Unlimited Short Hood Mount Kit for CB Antenna 34. Aug 23 2020 Q How do you ground a CB base antenna To ground your CB antenna find a suitable area at a distance of around 3 4 feet away from the antenna base. The term ground is slang for earth. Take out the plug cut a small X into it. Proper grounding prevents static charge buildup while serving as another obstacle for harmful surges and electrical spikes. Soil is a very effective absorber of RF energy at close range. A ground rod is typically a 4 8 foot copper plated steel rod driven into the ground as The inductor on the CB antenna makes the antenna electrically longer than its actual radiator length. No antenna length doesn 39 t make it any better. you are mounting the antenna on a roof then you will need to look at option 3. And don 39 t use round power wire as ground cables. When you pushed the cable and adapter through the rear wall in step 7 it should have fallen straight down. Product Title Tram 703 HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit. K40 CB Antennas Francis CB Antennas FireStik CB Antennas Install self adhering DANGER label packed in the antenna hardware kit at eye level on your mast. Aug 30 2003 My CB is mounted in the cab and I have it grounded underneth the brake pedal. The system consists of a special antenna mount and matching coaxial cable. how to ground cb antenna on toolbox